Slate & Tiling Repairs

Repairing roof slates and tiles

There are many reasons why slate or tile problems arise so our first task is always to inspect the roof and professionally assess the damage. We will offer an honest opinion as to whether there’s an issue with inferior materials, it’s an extensive problem where re-roofing is the best option in the long-term, or if it is just an isolated issue that requires minor repair work.

Clay tiles are often quicker to repair or replace, while broken or slipped slates require more specialist skills. In all cases we are careful to reuse materials where possible, match salvaged material if reuse isn’t an option, or advise on the best alternative. Our roof repairs are effective in terms of weather-proofing and longevity but we also work hard to minimise any visual impact.

Fixing roof slate and tile issues

We have extensive experience of fixing roof slate and tile issues, whether isolated to a small area of the property or more extensive. We can help you with:

  • Tile or slate failure causing the nibs which hold the tile to break off or the nail holes in the slate to break
  • Tiles that have been dislodged from the wooden batten they sit on (usually by high winds)
  • Nail corrosion or nail sickness, where the nails holding the slates in place have failed
  • Rotten lathes or battens (more common in older roofs where untreated wood was used to fix the slates to)
  • Corrosion of the nails which have been used to fix the lath or batten on to the joists in the roof structure