Reclaimed Slate

Roofing with reclaimed slate

We really enjoy working with reclaimed slate, especially as we are located in the Lake District where slate gives our traditional buildings such character, with the distinctive greens and bluey greys and the ‘diminishing courses’ where the slates become smaller towards the top of the roofs.

Slate has many benefits as a material including a very long lifespan and the fact that it is low maintenance and not susceptible to rot. Our reclaimed roof tiles have been salvaged and saved from other roofs – while they are technically second hand they are of such a high quality that they will last and last.

Slate roofing, particularly with reclaimed tiles, is a highly skilled job and we pride ourselves on our ability to reuse as many existing tiles as possible, match them with reclaimed slates of a similar size, and create a characterful roof that fits the local vernacular and enhances the look of the building.

The benefits of a reclaimed slate roof

  • Slate roofs enhance properties such as listed, historic and traditional buildings
  • They are an environmentally friendly and sustainable option
  • Slates can often be a cheaper alternative than new tiles
  • Slate tiles are good quality, durable, and long-lasting
  • Regular inspections will prolong the life of your slate roof