Lead Works

Lead roofing, cladding, capping, cornicing and chimney flashing

Lead works require highly skilled and knowledge roofing contractors. Our experience offers quality and peace of mind.

We can use lead cladding as an alternative to tiles, PVC panelling or oak cladding and it has the benefit of durability – giving year round protection and remaining corrosion free when professionally installed and treated. It is a really good option for vertical panelling. We’ve installed lead cladding around dormer windows, to fascias and cornice work and can work on pitched and vertical surfaces.

Lead capping and cornices are most often used for historic or listed buildings but it is a fantastic option to consider for any project due to its durability and longevity – outlasting concrete, stone, and membrane. We can reproduce decorative cornice work on period and heritage buildings or use a combination of capping and cornicing to make a stunning feature on new builds.

Please do contact us with any lead flashing requirements too. Lead flashing has been used on chimneys for centuries to stop water entering buildings and each element – back gutter, front apron, soakers and cover flashing – plays its part in that process. We can offer a repair or replacement service to maintain weatherproofing for years to come.